Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek: Makani Goes Rogue -- Again

Wait 'til you see what she does this time

Anyone else sense a recurring theme here?

After forcing her jungle enemies to share by borrowing stealing their food and then swiping their cherished tent, Queen of Fairness Makani is making damn sure no one has an inequitable advantage on Stranded With A Million Dollars.


In a sneak peek of tomorrow night's episode, the organic-farmer-turned-jungle-warrior refuses to carry the brunt of supplies during the group's journey to their next campground. And she does it by bringing her new badass attitude up a notch. Or 10.

"There's no possibly way we're gonna take this sh*t," she tells Cody, just before dropping off a piece of equipment at Alex's feet and telling him and Alonzo, "I don't know how many times I need to tell you guys this, but if you want a girl to carry it, get one of your girls to carry it."

"Why does this have to be a bully game of 'Chicken'?" Alex asks after the super-aggressive move.

Makani's I-have-no-f*cks-left-to-give-in-Fiji response: "If it wasn't a game of bullying, then you shouldn't have started it like that."

So what happens next? Lots more bickering, lots more profanity, some good old-fashioned name-calling, a little whining from Alex and -- would you believe? -- Cody trying to make peace. (Somewhere, pigs are flying.) Watch the clip to see all the action and to find out if Makani backs down (lol, yeah, right), then tune in to Stranded tomorrow night at 10/9c.