Career Aspirations: Here's What The Teen Mom 2 Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up

If one gets her way, we'll see her in the White House

The Teen Mom 2 kiddos have some time before they can enter the work force, but that doesn't mean they aren't already contemplating their future occupations. So what do the MTV munchkins aspire to be when they grow up?

"Isaac has said he wanted to be a paleontologist since he was like three," Kailyn divulges in the clip above, bonus footage teasing the upcoming "100 Things About Teen Mom 2" (which will air throughout a marathon of Teen Mom 2 beginning at 12p on Monday). "And Lincoln wants to be a police officer."

Meanwhile, Chelsea reveals her mini-me wants to channel her passion for animals in a professional manner.

"Aubree wants to be a zookeeper or a dolphin trainer," Chelsea discloses.

Which other kiddo wants to join law enforcement just like Kail and Javi's boy? And which little one wants to be President? Watch the video to find out -- and hear the girls reveal the career aspirations they had when they were youngsters in the teaser. And be sure to catch "100 Things About Teen Mom 2" with the aforementioned foursome beginning on Monday at 2:30/1:30c, then stay tuned for the finale at 9/8c!