Hilary Duff Revived Lizzie McGuire’s Iconic ‘Bad Girl’ Look

Take a chill pill, it’s just a temp

There are several episodes in the Lizzie McGuire canon that stand out to die-hard and casual fans alike. The "We want a bra!," Aaron Carter kissing Lizzie, and Miranda's eating disorder episodes were all iconic, but Lizzie's turn to the ~dark side~ was memorable in its own way.

"Bad Girl McGuire" gave us a taste of Lizzie's polar opposite: a devious punk gal who was rude to her parents and hung out with the wrong crowd. Oh, and she had a nose ring. ("Take a chill pill, parents, it's just a temp!")

That episode aired more than a decade ago, but Hilary Duff just paid homage (probably unintentionally) to her alter ego's style. Taking to Snapchat, Duff played around with the septum-piercing filter, commenting, "I always wondered what I would look like with one of these."

Lizzie McGuire parody account @ImLizzieM cleverly noticed the similarities between the two Duffs on Tuesday (March 14), and now we can't unsee them. This is like the time Duff rocked overalls in 2015, one of Lizzie's ~signature~ outfits. More Lizzie McGuire channeling, please, Hil. We love it.