Rapper Trina Decodes Some Epic Celebrity Impressions On Wild 'N Out

We're thinking at least one superstar won't be happy

The crew on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out is showing off its many talents which, apparently, include impersonating the likes of world-renowned wrestlers and hip-hop icons. (Yes, we said wrestlers.)

In a peek at Thursday night's episode, the WNO guys tease rapper Trina with a slew of superstar imitations in a challenge they like to call "Turn Me Up In The Headphones." The "Right Thurr" songstress is then tasked with making educated guesses on who's who, with one subject being Hulk Hogan (the clues: "I come in the booth, and rip my shirt off like a maniac; 24-inch pythons got your lady layin' on her back.")

But the best part? When DC Young Fly shuts it down with his impression of one very high-profile DJ who probably won't be happy with the performance. Which record-spinner is he imitating, and what exactly does he say? Find out by watching the clip, and catch an all-new episode Thursday at 9/8c!