Joe Lederer/Netflix

Neil Patrick Harris’s First Tattoo Is Quite Unfortunate

He just permanently turned himself into Count Olaf

Neil Patrick Harris just blurred the line between fiction and reality, thanks to his new tattoo. The star of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events decided to make his Count Olaf alter ego a permanent part of him via the infamous eye ink on his ankle — just like Count Olaf has in both the books and series (and something Jim Carrey, the former Count Olaf, has yet to achieve).

After learning Series was renewed for a second season, Harris went out and celebrated the news by getting his first tattoo. Harris shared the pics on Instagram on Monday (March 13): one of the final product and one of the tattoo being inked onto his ankle.

I guess the show's makeup team now has one less job to do on Season 2, amirite?!