Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images

Chad Michael Murray’s Newborn Daughter Will Warm Your Cold Heart

He and wife Sarah Roemer welcomed a new addition to their family

There's a new lady in Chad Michael Murray's life, and she already has him wrapped around her little finger (or maybe it's vice versa).

The One Tree Hill star shared the news on Instagram Tuesday (March 14) that he and wife Sarah Roemer have welcomed their second child: a little girl. Murray's IG is too much to handle, especially the photo of his baby girl's hand lovingly clutching on to her daddy's finger.

"Don't worry little girl," the caption reads, "you can hold on as tight as you want for as long as you want, I'm already yours & I'll never let go." Murray continued: "I've now two incredible women in my life. My son & I are two lucky guys. @rooeemer 😎❤️." Too. Freaking. Cute.

The newborn's name hasn't been released, and it seems unlikely we'll learn it anytime soon, considering how Murray's 1-year-old son's name still hasn't been revealed. Still, after Murray and Roemer announced that they were adding a new addition to their family late last year, it's nice to be able to say it now: welcome to the world, little girl!