The Challenge Champs Choose Which Underdog Is Their Biggest Threat

Even though they aren't facing off in eliminations, the vets have their eyes on a few certain folks

Each side of The Challenge house has entered the Fortress -- Tony and Kailah were ousted last week, while Zach and Ashley K were sent packing during the most recent installment. And now that the six remaining champions have had a chance to see the winless competitors in action, who do they view as the biggest threat? CT, for one, has his eye on a fellow Inferno castie.

"Seeing Shane on the Underdog team -- to me, that was a big threat because he has a lot of experience," the Rivals 2 titleholder revealed to MTV News in the clip above.

On the flip side, Cara Maria couldn't even point out an adversary on Team Red.

"The underdogs are nothing -- we don't face them in eliminations," the Battle of the Bloodlines victor grumbled. "Obviously we're better."

But her fellow female champs had no problem naming names. To hear what Laurel and Camila had to say, as well as Darrell and Bananas, watch the video. And don't miss them -- and the rest of the Challenge gang -- every Tuesday at 9/8c.