Drake & Josh’s Nerds Reunited After Nearly A Decade

Luckily, they weren’t attacked by Papa Nichols this time around

Once you get ambushed by an 81-year-old World War II veteran doped up on medication, you're pretty much guaranteed to remain friends for the rest of your lives. Drake & Josh's lovable nerds, Craig (Alec Medlock) and Eric (Scott Halberstadt), were thrown into hilarious predicaments on Dan Schneider's show, including babysitting Drake and Josh's delusional great-grandfather, Papa Nichols.

After going nearly a decade without seeing each other, Craig and Eric are back again! Celebrating his birthday today (March 13), Medlock shared a long-overdue reunion pic on Instagram. "Reunited after 8 years," he captioned.

No word on if the duo watched all seasons of Space Trek, sang a duet of "Beautiful Dreamers," or got yelled at by Crazy Steve for any number of reasons, but we're just thrilled to see them hanging out again.

Both actors separately told MTV News in 2015 that they'd totally be down for a Drake & Josh reunion. The pair also shared what they thought their characters would be up to today. Craig likely struggled with separation anxiety in college after being away from Eric, but hopefully developed into "a normal, functioning adult," Medlock predicted. His BFF either "started the next Snapchat and is a millionaire or ... went full Walter White and he's a genius fugitive," according to Halberstadt.

Since Drake & Josh ended 10 years ago this year, now seems like the perfect time to reunite all of the cast. (Hint hint, wink wink.)