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Ansel Elgort’s New Movie, Baby Driver, Has Everyone Freaking Out

Punch it, Baby!!!

There's always one film at every festival that breaks through the noise and becomes a surefire hit. This year, that film might be Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, starring baby-faced Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver named Baby. (At least he drives better than he runs.)

It debuted to rapturous reviews at SXSW over the weekend. Vulture's Jada Yuan called Baby Driver — a passion project 22 years in the making — a "112-minute adrenaline rush," while the Los Angeles Times's Jen Yamato described the film as Wright's La La Land: "Every bit of its soundtrack is choreographed (by Ryan Heffington) to action and dialogue." It's part stylized heist movie, part musical romance. If that sounds like your kind of movie, check out the trailer that's driving cinephiles everywhere wild:

Baby Driver follows Baby (Elgort), the best in the getaway game, as he attempts to leave the crime life behind him when he falls in love with a diner waitress named Deborah (Lily James). But local crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) and his crooked crew (which includes Jamie Foxx at his best) aren't going to make it easy for Baby.

Aesthetics aside, Baby Driver not only boasts a wicked soundtrack, it also features Wright's signature comedic chops. Case in point: One crook mistakes Austin Powers's Mike Myers for Halloween's Michael Myers, and confusion ensues.

Check out the international trailer while you're at it, featuring even more high-speed shenanigans!

Baby Driver hits theaters August 11.