Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Justin Bieber Thinks That We Should 'Hug Each Other More'

I mean, not wrong

Justin Bieber is such a champion of positive vibes lately that he has no interest in keeping them to himself — and he wants you to spread the love, too.

Bieber's Instagram is now a hug feed, basically: The pop star posted a series of photos that feature him hugging his (elated) fans, and he just kept repeating the same sentiment over and over. "Let's hug each other more."

Simple enough, and a hard point to contest, really. This is the man who begged you to let him love you, after all.


Hugs are the best!

Let's just change the verb to "biebing." Biebing is the new hugging.

Bieber wrapped up the PMA blitz with a photo of one of his "best friends in the world," and a pensive, zen portrait of himself in the woods.

The moral of the story? Bieber's new mantra is "when in doubt, hug it out," apparently, and we're on board.