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Ed Sheeran Rapping Nicki’s ‘Monster’ Verse Proves He Should Stick To Singing

Nicki thinks he did a ‘great job’ though

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma’s war is officially the dominating conversation of the music world. First Selena Gomez decided to drop her two cents by taking Nicki’s side, and now Ed Sheeran, of all people, has decided to weigh in.

The ÷ singer-songwriter dropped by The Breakfast Club this morning (March 10) and said to host Charlamagne of the escalating beef, “I heard you speak about it, and you said it was good for the culture.” He added that if he were going back and forth with another singer it might be good because of the inspiration that could provide. Charlamagne wasn’t buying it, telling Sheeran flatly, “You and anybody would be the dumbest beef ever.”

Sheeran continued by saying he “really, really” likes Nicki’s music. “Every time ‘Monster’ comes on, I know all the words to it,” he said. Naturally, he was then challenged to rap the classic verse from memory (much like Adele did on "Carpool Karaoke"), which he gamely stumbled his way through. It was decent, sure, but he’s no Adele. But hey, at least Nicki gave him her stamp of approval.