Kam Williams

High Drama: The Are You The One? Gang Reveals What Will Go Down On The Reunion Special

The MTV guys and gals are raring and ready to tell all...

The Are You the One? gang is thisclose to knowing whether or not all of their hooking up hard work will pay off and they can extend the dating series' track record to five wins. And just after we learn the final outcome (no pressure, guys and gals), there will be an AYTO reunion -- for the first time since Season 2. Cue the celebration:

All 22 love hopefuls will gather to rehash everything that unfolded while they were searching for their PMs. But before they take the stage, a bunch of them are giving viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how they feel about the one-time affair. While Shannon can't hide her enthusiasm and is "f**king excited," Hannah's mood is, um, a bit different than her fellow castie.

"I am very anxious to see -- nobody," she says point blank in the clip above. Always telling it like it is, H.

But that's only the beginning. Who are Tyranny and Kam ready to call out for their actions? And what does Taylor predict will be the most dramatic moment to occur? Peep the entertaining video, and don't miss the season finale of Are You the One? tomorrow at 9/8c, with the reunion airing right after at 10/9c!

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