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Linkin Park And Kiiara Confront The Horror Of Addiction In Their ‘Heavy’ Video

Sometimes taking control of your life is a lot like doing battle with yourself

Linkin Park's new video for their single with Kiiara shows just how devastating the fight against addiction can be.

In "Heavy," singer Chester Bennington struggles with the decision to head into a recovery meeting, where Kiiara is shyly in attendance with her hair dyed and her hood up. The video illustrates his competing impulses — to go or not to go, to quit or not to quit — with literally two Chesters who break things and beat the crap out of each other. And behind Kiiara, another version of herself sits quietly in the shadows.

Anyone who's wanted two contradictory things at the same time can probably relate to the visual, but it's especially potent in light of the addiction narrative in which what you want more than anything is actually the thing that's destroying you.

Luckily, Chester's got a friend in Kiiara, who stands by him even when he's going through the thick of it.