Barb From Stranger Things Just Got Cast In Every Musical Theater Nerd’s Dream Show

There’s a tiny Lea Michele connection, too

There's good news and bad news for Stranger Things fans that were wondering what the hell happened to Barb (Shannon Purser). The good news: She's got a new show! The bad news: Guess that means she's 100 percent, indisputably donezo with the Upside Down.

As Stranger Things gears up for its second season, Purser is keeping busy with a recurring role on Riverdale. And now she's got what could be another teen hit on the horizon. CNN reports that Purser has been cast in the pilot of NBC's Drama High.

The show follows a high school drama department and its, well, drama, and Purser will be playing the character of Annabelle, who pulls a Lea Michele and tries out for a production of Spring Awakening. (The musical — the music of which was written by rocker Duncan Sheik, of "Barely Breathing" fame — gave Michele her first big break.)

Sounds like excellent opportunities are afoot for Barb, and that's good, 'cause Stranger Things did her dirty with that whole early, gnarly death thing.