Challenge Foes: Here's Why Bananas And Cara Maria Don't Get Along

It's clear there's no love lost between the competitors

The Challenge is known for generating some sour feelings between competitors (hello, rivals!) -- and during this week's Invasion of the Champions episode, Bananas took a golden opportunity to throw his longtime foe Cara Maria into the elimination fire.

"I don't think there's any secret here who it's going to be," said the six-time victor, who emerged as the winner of Roll With the Punches and was given the responsibility to name a female to compete in the Fortress as a bonus for his achievement. "There's no love lost -- we've come a long way since..."

But the Real World: Key West vet didn't need to continue his shpiel, because the Battle of the Bloodlines chimed in with, "Bananas, just say it."

And that he did. CM was able to defeat Ashley K -- and now the champs are back under the same roof. But how did the bitterness between the game's titans begin? And how would they describe their beef? Watch the video to hear the pair open up -- and don't miss them and the rest of the Season 29 cast this Tuesday at 9/8c.

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