Blast From The Past: A Former Catfish Is Connected To An Upcoming Case

'We know her!'

A Catfish investigation is unpredictable at best because every circumstance is unique. But during this week's upcoming episode, Nev and Max discover a former cyber crook (who was once featured on the MTV program) is linked to their new case. It's a Catfish crossover!

In the sneak peek below, the digital detectives (who are aiding Danny find answers about his ladylove Rosa) visit the mysterious gal's Facebook page -- a common step for the MTV duo. But when they start sifting through Rosa's friends, they spot a familiar face.

"We know her! That could be Rosa," Max exclaims, while Nev states, "That's crazy." The Catfish world is small, indeed.

But who is the erstwhile cast member? Watch the clip to find out her identity -- and to learn the truth about this already fishy tale, be sure to catch the episode on Wednesday at 8/7c!