Baby Bump Debut: Kailyn Lowry Shares First Snapshot Of Her Growing Belly

The bundle of joy has (officially) made his/her social media debut

Kailyn Lowry waited to disclose her third pregnancy -- but now that the the Teen Mom 2 castie is well into her second trimester, she is proudly showing off her baby bump.

Isaac and Lincoln's mama (who will welcome this munchkin in the summer) appeared on the series' aftershow TM2 Live! last night with fellow cast member Leah Messer. And before the duo went on the air, Kail shared a sweet snap with her cohort -- and her bundle of joy. Looking great, you three!

In addition, the college student -- who has revealed that she will not find out this peanut's gender until they meet for the first time -- disclosed that she does not have a preference about the kiddo's sex but admitted it might be a bit more of a challenge if it's a girl.

"If she's anything like me, it's going to be rough," she told host Nessa with a laugh.

But even if she does welcome a mini-me, Kail has some future advice for her potential daughter.

"Keep your mouth shut sometimes," Kail stated. "Keel your cool, and try not to lose it on people."

Be sure to keep watching Kailyn and her family every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c!

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