Rihanna’s Latest Fashion Show Featured No Pencils, No Books, But Many Iconic Looks

The collegiate-themed collection took place in The National Library of France

Today, Rihanna presented her third Fenty x Puma runway show, at the National Library of France. The unconventional location was fitting for a collection called "Fenty University," or, as it was so cheekily referred to on the necklaces worn by models, "F.U."

The schoolgirl-gone-bad theme was total — the show invites were even styled like detention cards.

Models walked along mock school tables accented with classic green study lamps instead of a traditional runway.

And big puffy coats — one of Rihanna's most beloved garments — were in abundance.

Rihanna herself took a bow at the end, wearing a big comfy coat in the appropriate hue of highlighter lime-yellow.

You can watch the show and see all of the looks from the collection here.