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Harley Quinn Meets Lady Gaga In Fiery Suicide Squad Parody

The Squad is back

Mashup geniuses Hilly and Hannah Hindi of The Hillywood Show are back again with their highly anticipated Suicide Squad parody. The sisters dropped the video Saturday (March 4) and it's racked up nearly 1 million views. Like with their Sherlock and Supernatural parodies, this video went all out with hair, makeup, costumes, and set decorations. It's brilliantly set to the tune of a reworked version of Lady Gaga's "Judas."

Harley Quinn (Hilly) just can't help being obsessed with the Joker (Caine Keenan): "I'm just a Harlequin, oh baby it’s a sin / But I'm still in love with Joker, baby." The vid takes us through HQ's origin story from Dr. Harleen Quinzel to the kooky "villain" we all know and love. Plus, Harley's fellow squad members make an appearance, riding motorcycles and dancing up a storm. Check out the awesome parody below.