Dreams Can Come True: Samantha Hoopes Climbed Into Bed With Nick Cannon

See the antics unfold in a new 'Wild 'N Out' sneak peek

Is this TV-friendly?

That's the question Nick Cannon asks in a sneak peek of Thursday night's Wild 'N Out when Samantha Hoopes -- aka the chick who made eating a cheeseburger look really, really hot -- climbs into his bed. And during a subsequent game of "Late Night Questions," the pair answers queries with more queries. (Admit it — you've all played this before.)

While Nick sets the ball rolling with an innocent, "You feel that?," Samantha kicks it up a notch when she replies, "Nah, I don't feel that -- what does it feel like?" BUUURN!

But Nick has the last laugh (from the audience, at least) when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model asks about his current relationship status. What was her question, and what was Nick's response? Watch the clip above, and catch more on Wild 'N Out this Thursday at 9/8c!