Emma Watson Is Only Wearing Eco-Friendly Clothes On Her Beauty And The Beast Press Tour

You can check out all the look on a special Insta account

As Emma Watson continues the Beauty and the Beast press tour, the movie isn't the only thing she's promoting. At each appearance, she's worn an outfit designed with environmental sustainability — and in some cases, women's empowerment — in mind.

Watson has been documenting her outfits on an Instagram account called The Press Tour, where she talks about the materials of her outfits and the designers she's chosen to work with. She even provides makeup details, focusing on her cruelty-free products.

In a new closet tour with the Coveteur, Watson explains, "I’m still working up to it, but I’m trying to set a challenge of how much sustainable stuff can I wear on the red carpet."

"I don’t think it should be niche that the companies we wear clothes from are caring about who works for them or are being conscientious about the environment," she adds. “I love to work with and support female designers... As I’m putting together my press looks for Beauty and the Beast, I really have in mind, How can I support up-and-coming female businesses?”

Dang, I'm sure Belle would be proud of such a beatific attitude.