Keeping It Real: These Are Ryan Devlin's Best One-Liners From Are You The One?

The Season 5 cast has gotten several words of wisdom (and a few expletives) from the show's host

This season of Are You The One? has personified Albert Einstein's definition of "insanity" — doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

After all, many of the Season 5 casties have insisted on continuing to hook up with confirmed non matches (looking at you, Taylor and Andre), and there were plenty of other face palm-inducing idiosyncrasies. Host Ryan Devlin, in turn, hasn't held back his disdain for the cast members' actions that borderline on straight-up dumb, recently stating, "FORGET the no matches, or you guys are going to lose this thing."

But those haven't been Ryan's only words of wisdom -- all season, he's offered a little tough love and a whole lotta classic one-liners. Here are our favorites:

  • When he became Captain Obvious

    Bravo! The host basically stated the primary reason that these 22 twentysomethings had turned to the matchmaking gods at MTV to assist with their love lives.

  • When he announced the group was $500K poorer

    In the darkness no one saw coming, the second-episode blackout shocked the cast and us from our comfy perch on the couch. It cost this crew a whopping $500,000 and left a handful of broken hearts along the way — namely Kathryn and Ozzy, as well as Joey and Carolina.

  • When he called out Ozzy

    When Alicia and Ozzy paired up during the Match-Up Ceremony, the Costa Rican hunk admitted he was having a tough time moving on from Hannah. Cue Devlin's perfectly timed quip: "Didn't seem that hard at the party."

  • When he dropped the f-bomb

    Is it just us or did this season's cast get the biggest case of STFU from Devlin more than any other group in Are You The One? history? Seriously. If these guys and gals had focused more on "following their hearts" and spent less time attacking one another, they might have gotten past their four-beam curse several episodes ago.

  • When he made the understatement of the year

    The cast has been riding the struggle bus in order to get past four beams. Luckily, Derrick's strategy from this week's ep just might be the one to save the day (and those Benjamins)!

Did we miss any epic Ryan quotes? Comment with your favorites, and see how Season 5 wraps up on Wednesday at 9/8c!