You Will Not Recover From Beauty And The Beast’s Powerful New Song

The Beast will make you weep for ‘evermore’

Regardless of how you feel about some of the changes director Bill Condon has made to Beauty and the Beast for Disney's live-action remake, at least the film has finally given the Beast the showstopper we always knew he deserved.

Legendary composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice have penned a powerful new ballad for Dan Stevens's Beast titled "Evermore," which he sings after letting Belle go free. As he watches her ride off to her village, the cursed prince stands atop his lonely tower, reflecting on the woman who stole his heart. "Now I know she'll never leave me," he sings. "Even as she fades from view / She will still inspire me / Be a part of everything I do."

Honestly, this song has wrecked all of my emotions — and now it can wreck yours, too!

Josh Groban has the honor of singing the single version of the song for the official soundtrack release (and, let's not kid ourselves here, for that future Oscar nomination). But we hope they release Stevens's version — without the Beast's gruff vocal modulation.

Menken and Rice also worked on two other original songs for the enchanting film, including "Days in the Sun" (sung by the entire cast), and the emotional Céline Dion–led ballad "How Does a Moment Last Forever" — a song Belle's father Maurice sings to her — which plays over the film's credits.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17.