Fairness Is Overrated: Makani Resorts To Thievery In This Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek

Seriously, who knew she had it in her?

Hey Makani, whatcha doing over there?

In a sneak peek of tonight's Stranded With A Million Dollars, below, the soft-spoken peacemaker who was barred from sleeping in that $30,000 tent last week has apparently decided that if her fellow campers won't share, well, she'll just take. How so? She saunters over to Eilish, Alonzo, Gina and Alex's shelter and pilfers the leftover food they made -- and that, naturally, makes jungle antagonizer Cody very, very happy.

"I can't believe they made my dinner for me," the self-proclaimed Mr. Thrive scoffs as he enjoys the meal attained by Makani and her new IDGAF attitude. "The four campers make the dumbest decisions -- I just think it's a testament to their stupidity. They're just too stupid to realize that they actually just fueled my tank."

Gee, Cody, are you trying to say they're stupid?

So what's the group's reaction when they realize Makani stole their food? Watch the clip to find out -- and to see all the nuclear fallout, watch tonight's episode of Stranded at 10/9c.