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Here's Why Nev Schulman's Daughter Is Going To Be A 'Catfish Queen'

Apparently, Cleo knows a thing or two about the subject

Nev Schulman's baby girl Cleo may only be four months old, but apparently the MTV munchkin knows a thing or two about catfishing. Not too surprising since the kiddo's dad and his co-host Max Joseph have encountered countless rogue folks who deceive innocent souls online...

"She can't wait to catfish someone some day," Nev's fiancée Laura Perlongo joked about her mini-me during a recent Facebook Live session on the Catfish page. "She's going to be the queen, really -- she's going to know all of the tricks."

And naturally, Nev (who you can catch tonight when a brand-new season begins!) got in on the humorous exchange about his little girl.

"Someday, someone is probably going to use your pics to catfish somebody," he told the tot. Better watch out for those online impostors stealing C's future face -- she is a tempting target, after all, based on her current cuteness!

Do not miss the season premiere of Catfish tonight at 8/7c -- and check out a sneak peek from the gripping installment below.