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Billie Lourd’s Birthday Message To Gary The Dog May Cause You To Tear Up A Little

This is too much

It's been two months since the world lost Hollywood legends Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, but the duo would be happy to know that Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, has been taking extra-good care of Fisher's dog, Gary.

For the first four years of Gary's life, he was Fisher's BFF and red-carpet plus-one. Now that he's a big 5-year-old (that's a 35-year-old in dog years), Gary celebrated his birthday on Tuesday (February 28) with Lourd, who had a sweet message for him. "Happy 5th / 35th birthday to my #brotherfromanothermother #sunsouttonguesout," she captioned on Instagram, posting a video with the Snapchat dog filter.

Back when the news first dropped that Lourd would be adopting Gary, the French bulldog "tweeted," "Dear Billie, I like a bacon flavor everything." From the looks of it, things are going well for the unofficial siblings. Fisher would be proud.