Teresa Kroeger/FilmMagic

The Chainsmokers Deliver A Heartfelt Message After Fan Dies Of Cancer

Jake had hoped to attend their London show

After a crazy weekend of performances in London and Mexico City, The Chainsmokers took a moment to honor Jake, a fan who recently died of cancer. He'd planned on attending one of their London shows but couldn't make it after his illness took “a turn for the worst.” So Jake's friend sent an email to Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, who make up the EDM duo, with a simple but important request.

“[He] asked simply that we send [Jake] a video saying stay strong and how we wished he was there,” Pall shared on Instagram Monday (February 27). “We sent one and said we would be back and next time around when he was healthy, he would be side stage rocking with us. Well as life would have it, we just heard from his dad that he passed away the day after he got our message. His dad thanked us for the message and I cried.”

“Life is fragile and spontaneous,” Pall continued. “Hopefully many of you haven't had to lose someone close to you unexpectedly and for those that have, trust me I know the feeling, so cherish those around you, never end things on a bad note and really value each minute you have with the ones you love. RIP Jake, thank you for reminding us the importance of kindness and life. So if you read this try your best Today to go out of your way and be kind, don't take Today for granted.”

In other words, treasure those memories.