Double Dare Host Marc Summers Gets Real About Mental Illness In New Documentary

‘On Your Marc’ is coming soon

Marc Summers invaded kids' living rooms every week in the late ’80s and early ’90s, hosting the messiest, craziest, most unpredictable game show out there: Double Dare.

Over 30 years after the Nickelodeon game show first premiered, Summers is the subject of a new documentary about his own life, including his struggles with "crippling OCD." Despite the severity of his condition, Summers didn't let the messiness of the show stop him from doing his job: "I defy anybody to ever look at an episode and say I was not having a good time," he says in the movie's trailer. (As someone with OCD, I can tell you that this is quite a rare feat.)

The trailer for On Your Marc — a play on Summers's oft-spoke Double Dare phrase "on your mark" — takes you behind the scenes of the iconic television host's career and the one-man show he performed about his experiences. In the film, Summers also gets candid about his battle with cancer, explaining he didn't advertise his diagnosis "because in show business, it could ruin your career." Look out for celebs as eclectic as Neil Patrick Harris and Guy Fieri providing commentary in the inspiring video above.