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Trump’s Been Slamming The Oscars For Years — But What Do Actual Celebs Think?

The awards show is ‘amateur night’ for POTUS

President Trump is not a fan of the Oscars. Over the years, he's tweeted about the lack of "glamour, beauty, and mystery" at the awards show — or "amateur night," as he calls it.

So on the red carpet this past Sunday (February 26), MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz asked celebs to read these angry tweets out loud. Lucas Hedges, David Oyelowo, Ginnifer Goodwin, and more gave it a whirl — but Trevante Rhodes gave viewers the option to turn away from the madness.

"I don't want to read that shit, man. I'll let you guys read that," the Moonlight actor said, holding a screenshot of the tweet up to the camera. "So disrespectful."

So far Trump hasn't tweeted about the 2017 Oscars. Host Jimmy Kimmel's "u up?" tweet, posted in the middle of the show, remains unanswered. Sad!