Blink And You Might Miss Justin Bieber on The Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Biebs is FASHION now

Over the weekend, Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana showed their Fall/Winter 2017 show in Milan. And someone made an unexpected cameo.

OK, Justin Bieber wasn't physically there. But for some reason his face was on their t-shirts.

Everyone from Kanye West to Drake to Bieber himself have been attempting to sell high-end merch that's a bit more exclusive than what you could find outside of a stadium concert. But a high-end brand making luxury items that look like merch you could find outside of a stadium concert? Previously, D&G have created garments featuring icons like Madonna and David Bowie, so I guess it's not entirely random.

While Vogue reports that the show was accompanied by the musical stylings of other pop heartthrob Austin Mahone, all eyes were on the Bieber shirts. It's unclear whether or not the Purpose singer had any involvement in the collection. Beyond ... his face.