Does Shane Have An Obligation To His Fellow Challenge Underdogs?

The team’s oldest player has decided to fight for himself first

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t teach an enduring Underdog how to fall in line.

On tonight’s Challenge: Invasion Of The Champions episode — the first that officially pit The Underdogs against The Champions — the game’s misfits proved their bite certainly matched their bark. They dominated “Knockout,” a mix of keep-away and basketball, and left the Champs completely shell-shocked. Plus, the Underdogs got the added bonus of racking up the game’s first payout of $10,000.

Still, the victory was short-lived, as TJ Lavin notified the game’s competitors that subsequent elimination rounds would pit teammates against each other, and the Underdogs were up first. Ashley, the first Underdog woman to score a point, nominated Tony into The Fortress, while Dario, the first male Underdog to sink a basket, tossed Sylvia to the wolves.

It all happened in the blink of an eye, but the task of nominating Dario’s and Sylvia’s opponents proved to be a much more trying challenge for The Underdogs.

Whispering and behind-closed-doors conversations quickly began to manifest back at the house, and when Shane got the impression that he was on the chopping block — and that The Underdogs’ men wanted to send him into elimination — he began politicking to stay. Somehow, Cory interpreted Shane’s strategy as disloyal and tried to paint the behavior as treasonous.

“I’m gonna want to run the final with a strong team,” Cory said. “I’m gonna want to earn as much money as we can earn. If we start doing, ‘Let’s split this, let’s split that,’ it’s not gonna work, because The Champs are gonna beat us every time.”

“[Shane and others] don’t want to beat The Champs,” Cory complained. “They just wanna go as far as they can.”

Shane argued that this was precisely the point and that team wins didn’t really matter to anyone who didn’t survive the game’s entirety.

“It’s not one team -- everyone here is competing to win a bunch of money,” Shane said. “You can only win if you make it to the final…I’m voting to get myself to the end. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with being honest about that?”

“They’re f**king dumb,” he added. “The bigger game is not getting eliminated, because if you get eliminated, you get nothing. I’m literally on the dumbest team on the planet.”

What do you think — does Shane have an obligation to play by his team’s rules, and is it really critical to set up the strongest Underdog team for the final mission? Or is Shane right to play for himself, and is Cory’s logic a little bit off? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out on the next Challenge episode Tuesday at 9/8c!