Which Stranded With A Million Dollars Camper Do You Think Could Win The Challenge?

Cody vs. Bananas -- seriously, we'd pay to see that

Does your favorite Stranded with a Million Dollars camper have what it takes to survive on The Challenge?

Sure, the 10 contestants from MTV's newest reality show have already had their fair share of trials and tribulations in Fiji -- living on a deserted island with next to nothing sure ain't easy -- but just imagine if they faced The Over Under. And Shell Shocked. Then throw in a little Caged and Confused, plus a game of In the Trenches and Who's Got Balls for good measure. Who'd come out on top?

First, let's review the men: There's self-proclaimed alpha male Cody, who's proven to be self-assured, smart, focused and, oh yeah, just a little bit ruthless. Then there's Cody's brother from another mother Chris, whose competitive streak already caused him to call his fellow campers "Cub Scouts and little bitches." (LOL, come on, that was funny.) There's also TV reporter Alex, who showed immediate team leadership by organizing a few campers to start a fire and work on a shelter -- but got dissed when Cody glanced at his thin frame (and that questionable turban/baseball cap combination) and dismissed him as "the definition of a goober." (Come on, that was kind of funny too). Next up: Eagle Scout Michael, who boasted that he plays three sports and is a "force to be reckoned with" -- but swiftly sold his soul (and spent $15K behind his peers' backs) for hamburgers and French fries when faced with the show's very first "Temptation." Army vet Alonzo, meanwhile, seems strong and committed to bringing the prize money home to his favorite girl -- aka Mom.

As for the women? Working mom Eilish showed enough gumption to stand up to Cody when she felt he disrespected Gina, and Ashley seemed as comfortable in the jungle as one can get when bats are flying overhead at night. But Gina and Makani haven't fared as well: Both crumbled from the pressure and shed some tears, suggesting they'll struggle to make it to Day 40. And Bria -- the aspiring model who proclaimed she'd be the "bad-ass bitch of this jungle" -- lasted just three days and two hours before throwing in the towel and heading home.

But hey, she could still get a second wind and give Johnny Bananas a run for his money someday.

So with all that in mind, who do think has what it takes for The Challenge? Vote for your choice as you watch Stranded With A Million Dollars on Tuesdays at 10/9c -- just head here, click the tweet icon for your favorite camper and tweet using their designated hashtag. And remember: Only votes cast during the live airing of the show count.