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Andrew Garfield’s Mom Would Love Him Even If He Was A Murderer

The Oscar nominee has really thought a lot about his alternate life as a murderer

Have you ever thought about how your mom would react if you suddenly lost your mind and straight-up murdered someone? Andrew Garfield has!

The Hacksaw Ridge star got real — like, really real — with Ryan Seacrest about his "cool as a cucumber" mother, whom he brought to the 89th Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night (February 26). "She's one of these perfect mothers who'd love me if I was a murderer," he said, a bit too earnestly. "She'd visit me in jail, bring me cookies, baked at home. She might go, 'I'm a bit disappointed in you for killing all those people.'"

Well, OK then. He's really thought a lot about his alternate life as a murderer! That's not weird at all. Nope.

Mrs. Garfield is just super chill. "My mom doesn't really care about this stuff," Garfield said, referring to all of the Oscar night pomp and circumstance. And those are exactly the type of people you want around you when you lose your first Academy Award. Sorry, Garfield. But we all know this is a two-man race between Denzel Washington and Casey Affleck.

Just, you know, enjoy the free champagne and try not to think of murdering anyone, OK? OK.