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Chance The Rapper Loves Get Out So Much He's Taking People To The Movies

If you're in Chicago, get over to 87th for a free screening

Do you live in Chicago? Do you want to see Get Out (which, chances are, you probably do because it's great)? Cool! Chance The Rapper is such a huge fan of the movie that he bought out a cinema's whole day of showings so that you can go check it out for free.

Chance took it upon himself to buy out every screening of the horror film at Chatham Theatre on Chicago's W. 87th Street on February 26. Yup. Every. Single. One. He's thinking about going back for seconds, too, as he's already seen it but may brave the crowds to catch it a second time at the Chatham.

Get Out is the victor at the box office this weekend, as Jordan Peele's thriller has raked in over six times (!) its budget and earned $30.5 million in its first few days in theaters.

Peele is already pinching himself over his directorial debut's reception, so he must be doing cartwheels over this latest development and this parade of positive vibes.