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John Mayer Really, Really Loves The Bachelor

'Just get me the helicopters, girls crying, girls crying *on* helicopters....'

Rock stars are just like you when it comes to binge-watching and guilty pleasures on TV: Sometimes, they just want to watch a boy stand in front of a girl with a rose and ask her to love him — or at least John Mayer does.

Mayer stopped by Ellen to talk about "Love on the Weekend" and his new music, and explained why he's only putting out four songs at a time as opposed to an album in one fell swoop: "I started realizing that twelve songs is a big ask for people now," he says, stressing that there's "so much content" out there to listen to at any given moment. (He also admits that he hadn't fully completed an album, and worked with this schedule to meet his own deadlines.)

The Bachelor may be partly to blame, as it's a bit of a time-suck for him as he just can't get enough. He loves it, but can't do two-hour episodes. It's too much.

"I always watch the season premiere, and at the end of it, they say, 'On an unbelievable new Bachelor...' and I go, 'SHOW ME MORE OF THIS! SHOW ME MORE OF THIS! I'll pay $50 if you just show me the entire season in thirty minutes. That's what I want. Just get me the helicopters, girls crying, girls crying on helicopters — if you get tears in flight on The Bachelor, that's prime stuff."

Has he ever thought about sitting in the Bachelor chair himself? "I think it would be one of the lowest-rated shows." Suuuuper doubt it, John, but live your truth.