Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek: Gina Gets Caught In Her $15K Lie

And yeah, Everyone. Is. Pissed.

They say the truth will set you free -- or it'll totally screw you over.

How so? Well, gang, gather 'round: 'Member when Gina and Michael said "yes" to their temptation on the very first episode of Stranded With A Million Dollars, spending $15,000 on hamburgers, French fries and chicken wings? And 'member how they lied about it, telling their fellow campers that the temptation was really just a challenge that they failed? Turns out, the well-fed duo eventually gets caught, as revealed in a brand-new sneak peek.

"Your prize has been reduced by $15,000 because money was spent on the temptation," Alonzo reads aloud as he checks a message on the group's tablet. Gina's response as all eyes in the jungle begin glaring at her?

"Well, um..."

When the campers force her to give an explanation for her apparent greed, the cocktail server does indeed offer up an excuse for blowing all that dough -- money which, essentially, belonged to everyone.

But does Gina tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And which camper retaliates against her with a thinly veiled threat? Watch the video to see all the drama, then tune in to Stranded tomorrow night at 10/9c to see how it all plays out!