Would You Spend $3,750 On A Jar Of Peanut Butter?

The contestants on 'Stranded With A Million Dollars' did, but hey, they were pretty damn hungry

Just a few months ago, the United States Department of Agriculture reported that a medium-sized family can spend between $636.40 and $1273.40 per month on food. On tonight's episode of Stranded With A Million Dollars, the campers spent $3,750 on one jar of peanut butter.

And it wasn't even the chunky kind.

The uber-expensive purchase came after the group trekked two-and-a-half miles to their third camp, crossing a knee-deep, 13.75-meter wide river and climbing an "uphill slide" that had an elevation gain of 80 meters and slick, razor-sharp grass (seriously, who even knew there was such a thing?). In addition, the temperature was 92 degrees. So yeah, those muthas were hungry.

And they had extra-reason to make the purchase: the Powers That Be who dangle supplies in front of them each week offered a "flash sale," meaning everything was half-price -- including a much-needed tarp that was the choice of those who so far haven't been allowed in the Almighty Tent (aka Chris, Cody and Makani).

"Instead of having to build a huge-ass shelter and rely on stick and palm fronds to save us from storms, a tarp would be an absolute game-changer for us," Chris said.

Wishful thinking. In the end, Alex, Alonzo, Gina and Eilish voted for the PB, which was then delivered by drone.

"We could all use a little protein, so it's a double whammy for us," Alex said. "We're saving a little money and getting the food that we desperately need."

And let's face it: They were also denying their tent-less cohorts a tarp that would shield them from an upcoming storm and possibly force one or two of them to flare out in the aftermath (and you thought Cody was the devious one, huh?). Their apparent plan worked: After Chris, Cody and Makani's makeshift shelter collapsed in the middle of the night, a drenched Chris called it quits, becoming the fourth camper to shoot the flare gun.

But was the purchasing decision really the right one? Would you spend $3,750 on a single jar of peanut butter? Sure, it may have helped the campers momentarily recharge -- and the choice, in effect, did help eliminate a competitor (sneaky, guys. Real sneaky). But could the money have been spent on something more useful or conserved completely? Was it really worth lowering the group's prize by almost four grand? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Stranded next Tuesday at 10/9c!