Whitney Port's Latest Business Venture Is Full Of Flower Power

From fashion to fleurs!

Whitney Port began her career as a hard-working Teen Vogue intern when she lived in the Hills and memorably began to launch her Whitney Eve fashion line as a City gal. But now, the mama-to-be is taking her professional life in a different -- and floral -- direction. Goodbye, last-minute fittings -- and hello, bouquets.

"I didn't see myself getting into flowers, but now that I am, I'm so passionate about it," the MTV fan favorite told InStyle about her newly launched online flower brand Bloom2Bloom (she is a co-founder along with her business partner Laurenne Resnik). "It's just another way to show off my creativity."

So how did Bloom2Bloom come to be?

"I met Laurenne at an event for Cheeky last summer," Whit explained. "I was in a big transitional phase at the time -- I had stopped doing Whitney Eve in the spring and was taking my time to figure out what my next step was, and this kind of landed in my lap. I was like, 'Why not?' Flowers are fun. They're an easy thing to work with." The bohemian-esque arrangements (prominently featuring wildflowers and succulents), she added, come from local farms to your home.

Congrats on the broadening business and best of luck, Whit! But because we can't help it, here's a flashback of Whitney during her early days in the garment closet at the Lisa Love-led mag.