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Kanye Sports Braces And Raps On A Scooter In This Throwback Vid

The then-23-year-old sure looked different

If you miss the old Kanye (straight from the go Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye), then you’ll love this vintage video that’s surfaced on this most blessed of Throwback Thursdays.

Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber shared a clip of young Kanye freestyling in his hometown of Chicago on September 22, 2000. Just how “young” is he, you ask? Young enough to roll up on a scooter wearing braces on his teeth.

At the time, ‘Ye was just 23 years old, and still three years away from releasing his Grammy-winning debut album, The College Dropout. He had made some moves as a producer, though, and clearly wasn’t suffering from a small ego. “Kanye more important than Michael Jordan / Got this rap game locked, you could call the warden,” he confidently spits. Good to see he hasn’t changed much in the past 16 years (except those braids and the aforementioned braces, of course).

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