Disney Channel Alumna Debby Ryan Follows Cole Sprouse’s TV Footsteps

She’s taking her talents to The CW

Suite Life alumnus Cole Sprouse made the leap from Disney Channel to The CW with Riverdale, and it looks like his former on-screen girlfriend Debby Ryan is following his footsteps. On Thursday (February 23), Deadline reported that Ryan has been tapped for Insatiable, a CW drama that's currently in development.

Debby Ryan/Twitter

Ryan's character, Patty, is described as a “fat girl who found solace through eating.” A broken jaw inspires her to lose 70 pounds, and surprise! Turns out she's actually “gorgeous.” [Insert eyeroll here.] Now a laywer-turned-beauty-pageant-coach wants to make her a pageant queen. What a world.

Clearly, this role marks a big change from Ryan's previous projects The Suite Life on Deck and Jessie. Bailey Pickett was a small-town Kansas girl who grew up on a farm, but The CW is home to mystery and scandal. Sprouse sees plenty of that on Riverdale, that's for sure.

Fingers crossed working for the same network leads to an eventual Suite Life mini-reunion between Ryan and Sprouse. Do it for the fans, you guys!