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Who Should (Try To) Fill Beyoncé’s Shoes At Coachella?

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Missy Elliott — here are some guesses

2017 has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for the Beyhive. January hit, and with it came the announcement that Beyoncé was headlining Coachella. Yay! February 2017: Beyoncé announces she's pregnant with twins (YAAAAAY!), delivers a stunning performance of mythic proportions at the Grammy Awards (yaaaay!), and pulls out of Coachella a little over a week later (NOOOOOOOO).

This is a blow to those who were hoping to watch Beyoncé under the desert stars, but it's not like she doesn't have the most legitimate excuse to bail in the history of time, as the incubation of the Carter twins is an historic event in and of itself. That said, there's a void to be filled for the top spot at one of the biggest festivals in the game, and there are plenty of performers who are more than ready to rise to the occasion. Here are a few educated guesses as to who could — and should — step up to the headliner plate for Coachella 2017.

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    Though Hov should be on hand to get Beyoncé anything and everything she needs as she, y'know, continues to grow humans inside her, he quite feasibly could take over Mrs. Carter's stage and (hopefully) bring new material — along with some special guests, potentially, as he's been big on springing surprises at the festival in the past. (That's Jay with Pharrell Williams at Coachella 2014 above.)

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    As long as she leaves her fence at home, Perry would be a great fit for Coachella as she, too, has been hinting at new music and appears to be gearing up for a huge spring or summer release lead by “Chained to the Rhythm.” Plus, she's been hitting the fest as a VIP for years — this photo is from 2012, but she's a frequent visitor to the polo fields.

  • Tirhakah Love threw out this possibility and I audibly gasped and then wanted this more than I've ever wanted anything, so, yes. Elliott has already dropped new music in 2017 and is the subject of a forthcoming documentary, so please, PLEASE, music festival gods, JUST THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE LOSING THEIR MINDS TO “WORK IT.”

  • She's already made it perfectly clear that she's down to drive out to the middle of the desert, scream herself hoarse, and rock out with a bunch of sweaty strangers, so naturally she's a perfect fit. (That, and the Joanne world tour doesn't kick off until August, so as far as we know, she's available.)

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    In recent years, she's hopped onstage during Calvin Harris's sets and stolen the show (as she did above in 2016). She knows the turf already, and she's earned that Indio spotlight, damn it!

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    They're definitely not the official band of the alt-right. They are about to announce their North American tour dates, so maybe a last-minute detour to southern California for two weeks in April will work its way into their itinerary.

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    They could find themselves onstage with The Weeknd and dust off the Aggro Crag that they performed on for the Grammys, but Starboy played the fest back in 2015, so his return to the Empire Polo Club may be a bit premature. Daft Punk could easily headline on their own, and it would make a lot of sense for them to come ALIVE at Coachella.

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    Chance had to cancel his second-weekend performance at Coachella 2014 due to illness. Kicking off his summer of major headlining gigs with a chance (whoops) to leave his mark on the Coachella main stage would be such a perfect bookend, and another feather in that “3” cap of his. (Plus, we already know Bey's a fan, so it's safe to assume she'd give her blessing.)

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    Hrm. The likelihood of her taking Coachella's main stage is slim, as she's already said that her pre-Super Bowl show was to be her only concert of 2017. But again, hrm. Never underestimate Swift and her squad.