A Katy Perry Fan Lied To Her Face About Liking Her Haircut

The poor Katy Cat was attached to a polygraph against her will

If Katy Perry asked if you liked her new bleach-blonde hair while you were connected to a lie detector, what would you say?

While in town for the Brit Awards, the pop star stopped by U.K. radio station Capital FM. While on air, she tested whether or not a self-proclaimed Katy Cat, Danielle, was truly a fan. Danielle was attached to a polygraph and then asked pressing questions such as, "Do you like my new hairstyle?" Danielle replied, "Yes, I love it!"

According to the lie detecting expert, this was a BALD-FACED LIE.

"All right, well, it's a wig," Perry replied in shock. "I guess I can take it off."

I guess that's the beauty of wigs. At least she's not, um, chained to this hairstyle forever.

Between this and her armpit-sniffing-filled BBC Radio 1 segment with Ed Sheeran, it's certainly been a week of radio interviews for Katy Perry.