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Katy Perry’s Tumbling House Dancer May Be The New Left Shark

See the moment everyone’s talking about from KP’s Brit Awards performance

Left Shark is so 2015. Now, it’s all about Fallen House.

While bringing her new single “Chained to the Rhythm” to the Brit Awards on Wednesday (February 22), Katy Perry was joined by backup dancers wearing giant cutouts of houses. They bobbed up and down to the beat and maneuvered around two giant skeleton props as Perry and Skip Marley performed, and they almost made it through flawlessly. Key word: almost.

Near the end of the song, one of the dancing houses misstepped and tumbled off the stage, giving us this instantly viral moment:

Well, that’s one way to bring the house down, KP.

Maybe this was all just a commentary on the real estate market, and it was Perry’s idea to begin with. Who knows? The only question about Fallen House is, will he/she/it be as iconic as Left Shark, the bumbling dancer who stole the show during Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance? Left Shark inspired memes, onesies, and even tattoos, so Fallen House definitely has its work cut out for it. Do your thing, internet.