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Drake Bell Is Being ‘Stalked' By Drake & Josh’s Walter In Shocking Turn Of Events

What is even happening anymore?

The "Where's Walter?" saga that's been plaguing Drake & Josh fans for the past couple of months just took a dark turn. Though Drake Bell has tirelessly searched for his stepfather, Walter (Jonathan Goldstein), he's been unsuccessful. His TV brotha, Josh Peck, almost found the weatherman, but sadly, he was only an imposter.

Now it seems all Bell needs to do is look behind him to find his long-lost old man. In a new vlog posted Wednesday (February 22), Bell hangs out at Disneyland, riding Splash Mountain and taking pics with fans. But it doesn't take long to see that he's also joined by Walter, who's creepily hovering around him the entire time.

What does this mean for the "Where's Walter?" narrative? Is Walter actually ~evil~, or just suffering from some paranoid delusion that the government is out to get him? Has losing to Bruce Winchell for so many years in a row finally made Walter snap? When in God's name are we ever going to get that spin-off series? These are definitely QTNA, but until then, check out the hilarious clip above. Walter starts making multiple appearances around the 3:30 mark.