Teen Mom 2 No-Show: Should Adam Have Attended The Reunion?

Aubree's dad had some choice -- and rather profane -- words about his decision

Adam's last Teen Mom 2 reunion appearance featured the young dad declaring he was "done" with the long-running series, but during this season, the South Dakota resident was filming and back on the small screen. However, he did opt to not attend tonight's special and interact with his ex Chelsea and host Dr. Drew. So should Adam have traveled to the Los Angeles-based show to talk about previous events, or was it best for him to keep his distance?

Recapping what unfolded: Dr. Drew revealed that the day before the taping, Adam sent a text message to co-executive producer Larry Musnik and stated he would not be making the trip out West.

"Are you f**king stupid or something, Larry?" Dr. Drew recited from his phone. "F**k the show, f**k MTV, f**k Dr. Drew. I don't want any goddamn part of the show. Keep the f**king money." In addition, Dr. Drew said, Adam added that he had a stalker with information that only "you motherf**kers would know."

Chelsea summed it up with a simple "yeah" and was not surprised by her former partner's actions.

"He doesn't understand that he might be the problem," she added. "It's not even in his head."

With that, Dr. Drew ended the segment by showing a montage of the father of two through the years calling out the show and expressing his confusion as to why Adam wouldn't want to "air his grievances." But what do you think? Should he have taken the opportunity to make his point of view known and set the record straight about what viewers saw? Or was it the best choice to stay back home because of his anger toward the program, the network and the addiction specialist? Share your theories in the comments, and don't miss Part 2 of the reunion on Monday at 9/8c.