Invasion Reflections: Here's How The Challenge Champs Felt About That Entrance

'We in this thing'

Let the clash for glory commence: The elite group of eight Challenge victors are officially part of the cutthroat MTV game. And what an entrance it was -- goosebumps, anyone?

In honor of last night's Invasion of the Champions installment, we're rounding up the competitors' social media updates reflecting upon this milestone event in the series' history. Understandably, six-time No. 1 finisher Bananas was amped up to show these hungry, win-less athletes who they were about to encounter.

Meanwhile, Free Agents gold medalist Laurel Stucky was raring and ready to enter "this bitch."

And Battle of the Exes hero Camila had a funny exchange with her fellow champ Cara Maria about meeting their opponents.

And speaking of the Battle of the Bloodlines titleholder, the elimination queen offered up a simple message about what was about to go down in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Road Rules veteran Darrell was walking back on the Challenge stage for the first time since 2010 (specifically, Fresh Meat 2).

Last, but certainly not least, Rivals 2 champ CT shared a BTS glimpse with the boys before "the storm." Ahhh, to be a fly on the wall during this convo...

What did you think of the epic invasion? Sound off in the comments, and do not miss The Challenge every Tuesday at 9/8c (and check out a bonus scene below!).