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We Investigate The Reports Of Rihanna’s Makeup Line

Is she really debuting a holographic lipstick at Sephora soon?!

Over the long weekend, media outlets like Teen Vogue and New York Magazine reported that Rihanna was finally teasing her upcoming makeup line. The source? A new Instagram account called "Fenty Beauty Cosmetics." The account featured a close-up shot of a model from Rihanna's last runway show and claimed she was modeling the first product from the collection: a holographic lipstick that would debut at Sephora.

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However! This image has been available on Getty since September.

In addition, the account was unverified, and including both "beauty" and "cosmetics" in a brand name seems a bit redundant. The photo of the model apparently wearing the debut product was taken last fall, and if you're going to use your own beauty product in a fashion show, why not mention it then?

FURTHERMORE! The account posted a video of Rihanna discussing a cosmetics line, which appeared to be taken off a computer screen playing the video. Rihanna is a professional who would never post BOOTLEG FOOTAGE.

On top of all this confusion, I doubt Rihanna's brand would announce her namesake cosmetics range on a weekend that includes two official national holidays: President's Day, and her BIRTHDAY.

Folks, we were all so excited at the prospect of being one step closer to an official Rihanna makeup line that we were duped. As of this morning, the Fenty Beauty Cosmetics account has been deleted.

Kendo brands, a division of LVMH, announced last April that they'd struck a deal to produce a cosmetics line with Rihanna, so the Instagram account is not necessarily a fraud. But it definitely wasn't confirmed or official. It might've been the result of a corporate misunderstanding or a very dedicated member of the Rihanna Navy.

We reached out to Sephora, who directed us to the official PR agency for Fenty Beauty. They told us:

We have received a lot of inquiries over the past few days following some social media buzz and postings about the upcoming launch of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, and we wanted to urgently share an update with you (Bold PR is the official PR Agency for Fenty Beauty). The conversations seemed to have spiked after a post about the brand’s makeup artist search. Fenty Beauty has officially partnered with James Vincent, who is leading the charge on their search for a Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty. This is the only official information posted from the brand since the announcement of the launch in Spring of 2016. Any other post and/or chatter are from fan pages that are enthusiastically awaiting the launch and are unofficial and conjecture about the launch. We are just as excited as the fans and promise the launch will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for Fall 2017.

Aha! So, the main development here is: If you're a makeup artist, you can try out to be a spokesperson for Fenty Beauty. In the meantime, the rest of us will just have to wait for a glimpse of what I'm sure will be the most important beauty line of our time. Idk just speculating.