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Future's 'Super Trapper' Video Is A Jaws And Cribs Hybrid

Who needs a bigger boat when you've got the biggest house?

For the second year in a row, February is more or less Christmas for Future fans: 2016 saw the drop of EVOL, and 2017 has given us FUTURE, his latest full-length.

Three days after the album's release, he's keeping the new coming with a video for "Super Trapper," one of FUTURE's 17 tracks, and it somehow manages to work in a bunch of sharks, babes, bling, and a house party for the ages into a clip that clocks in at under four minutes that give the most memorable MTV Cribs episodes a serious run for their money.

Tommy Lee may have had a Starbucks in his house and Mariah Carey hit her Stairmaster in heels, sure. But Future has a full-on shark tank in his bedroom, not to mention the row of rides out front that rep the luxury he dispenses line by line over the course of the track and the flash of diamonds in every other frame.

Is "Super Trapper" may be the best Cribs episode that isn't actually a Cribs episode? Until we see someone build a butterfly sanctuary in their bathroom or something, it's safe to say that's a big yes.