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Lana Del Rey Is A Romantic Space Goddess In Her 'Love' Video

Who *doesn't* wanna go swimming on the moon with their crush?

Now we know why "Love" got the cinematic treatment with those dramatic posters that showed up in Los Angeles over the weekend: Lana Del Rey's music video for her new single is here, and it's a sexy, surreal production that involves some interplanetary intimacies.

"Love" starts out simple enough, with Lana standing at the mic, looking just as Old Hollywood glam as ever, with her bass player plucking out the track's echoing heartbeat in the background. As the song progresses and the bass is joined by a full, flush band, visions of sun-streaked, smitten folks in Los Angeles fill the screen.

They could be lovers from the '70s skating on the boardwalk in Venice Beach or a couple who fell for each other at a dive in Silver Lake yesterday, and that's kind of the point: The vibe of "Love" is a timeless one, and nothing says forever like swimming in a moon crater or driving straight on into the fiery surface of the sun (which totally happens here).

"Love" is Lana's first release since her 2015 album Honeymoon, and her first music video since last year's "Freak." She recently collaborated with The Weeknd on 2016's Starboy.

No word yet as to whether or not "Love" is the title track for a forthcoming album from LDR, but it's hard to believe she'll step away from showing more love in the coming weeks.