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Blue Ivy Was A Courtside MVP At The NBA All-Star Game

The best seat in the house belongs to the littlest Carter

When Blue Ivy shows up at a big event, expect her to adorably steal the spotlight — and she's probably the only human on the planet who could manage to do so even when she's sitting in between superstar parents Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Blue was front and center for all of the hoop-driven action at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans on February 19, and it looks like she had just as much fun at basketball's annual showdown as she did at the Grammys a week ago and the 2016 VMAs before that.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images


The Carters kept it casual on the fashion front, with Bey rocking jeans (and a majestic, floor-length coat and stilettos, naturally) and Jay sporting a hoodie. Blue went with a neon green frilly frock, a jean jacket, and little black Chucks as one does when they're going to be on camera as much as the players on the court, naturally.

Blue can teach her soon-to-be siblings plenty when they get older, and who knows: Maybe she'll be schooling them on the court when the time comes.